Slayers come home late
Well, hello, my friends. I haven't written here for a long time, but now I must share my emotiions about the last week events.
I visited the Park Live festival. The headliner of the fest was System of a Down group, and it was the first time I heard them alive. Sadly the sound was not good enough especially at the beginning. Anyway it was cool. I had a seat close to dance zone but nobody near was seating. We were dancing and singing all evening long.
I had been on Park Live two years before, when Muse had visited Moscow. I had suffered that time because many peaple around me were not so excited as me. This time it was quite different. It was me who was not a crazy fun of the group :)
You know, anyway I like Muse's show more. Soad made the music more easy, more lazy. I don't know how to describe it, but it could be better. I thought It would be.
I think I should visit events like that oftener. Maybe I will buy a ticket on Imagine Dragons next monday.