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Slayers come home late
You know, I'm starting to hate all niggers in current movies and series.
One year before I felt nothing about it, I just didn't care. I thought that everyone can be an actor if he/she have a talent. You can be the master of your business and it doesn't matter that color you are.
But now it's too much for me. Nigga-actor is everywhere! And it could be ok if it is nessesery by a plot, but niggers take part in scenes where black people just couldn't be.
If you want to show that niggers are so cool, show a story about them, about the people. Why you have to put a nigger-character in a plot following modern line only? Why you have to forget about history or logics?
Niggers in 17th centuary France? Hello, The Beauty and the Beast! Hello, dancing niggers in the royal palace! Disgusting.
Hello, black Roland who was a whiteman in books! The Dark Tower had already had a brilliant black hero, you shouldn't create another one.
Hello, black Scandinavian gods!

The last breath of my patience was the American gods series. Every fucking second character is a fucking nigger. Ok, sometimes it was right, but not all the time. Anubis? Thoth? Balder? For what?!

In two years we going to see the Black Panther movie. Hooray, finaly, a black hero solo! But do you know what? In the same logics I want whitemen in african clans. It would be fair.

2017-06-22 в 23:05 

Intelligent Evil
First of all its totally uncool to use the "N word" at all. Second you dont think that if you use it in english post, whole goddamn internet will be able to come across it and get offended. Third those gods are supposed to be black (most of em), cause they re egyptian and who lives in Egypt?
I personally think black Roland and black Nick Fury (yes I'm STILL pissed) were a miscast. Others are fine by me.

2017-06-23 в 05:15 

Circle in the dark, the battle may yet be won.
Leterius, Egyptians are not black at all (only Nubians, but they are national minor). Egyptians much more closer to Arabians. It is offensive to show Egyptian gods as afroamericans. They have no Arabian actors? Black Anubis and Thot are as much ridiculous as Chinese Anubis and Thot. I understand that middle American is so stupid, that he could not see difference between Egyptians and African people, but I condemn, when TV-series are maked for stupid people.

2017-06-23 в 11:00 

Circle in the dark, the battle may yet be won.
Leterius, I read some articles about theories of Egyptian people antropology and saw that American scientists had a poit of view, that Egyptians had taken their origin from black africans tribes. And I share the theory that Egyptian people have mixed origin. So, I guess, that people, who choose black actors for Egyptian gods roles, maybe just followed the popular American theory. But still I think that this theory is just another speculation on racism question, because mummies, cultural legasy and apperance of modern Egyptians (most of them are direct decsendants of Ancient Egyptians) could show, that Egyptian people are not the part of Negroid race. They have some signs of it, but also they have major signs of Mediterranean and Semits people, who are the part of the Caucasian rase.

2017-06-23 в 13:00 

Captain Awkward
Now we don't care if you're a girl or a toy, if you're a game or a boy, if you're nerd or a whore
As much as I understand why people get these feelings about the cases of the so-called miscast, I find the rest of these complaints (those which do not include miscast) pointless.

Because if you follow them, then theoretically, we are allowed to have a fictional world that has goddamned dragons in it, but for some reason, black people are out of place there. Because, obviously, they are something even more rare than dragons. Which, in fact, they are not.

Besides, a fictional world is a fictional world with a fictional line of history. Maybe there never was any slavery in it. It's not any less believabe than a talking candelabra who is in fact a man placed under a fairy's spell.

So it's not about history or logic, no. I mean, I agree it looks weird to us, but it's not because 'logic fails'. It's simply because we are used to seeing other things.

2017-06-23 в 21:48 

Slayers come home late
Leterius, it is a very angry post, so it contains N-word. I don't think anybody, especially native English speaker, would find this entry. But my diary is my territory and I do what I want can write what I think. I don't have to hide my opinion only because it can hurt somebody.
I've built my poin of view about Egypt gods on antient egyption art. Yes we can't see pale men there. But people on pictures are not black as the dead of night.

Captain Awkward, I disagree.
Yes, you can say "It's another world, with magic", ok, but don't call it "France, 16xx".
Maybe we should watch a movie about black Lincoln, because "it's not a documental story, but a fictional one"? But it is not a fantasy, it's a lie. Theese movies change historical facts and currupt our vision of truth. I know, that there could be no blackmen in royal palace, but children, who whatching "The Beauty and the beast" know the same?
I think, that if a fictional story bases on history, the creator must be carefull with it. Yes, I'm not use to see black Balder and black Heimdall, but I have a
butthurt because it's wrong.

2017-06-24 в 12:24 

Captain Awkward
Now we don't care if you're a girl or a toy, if you're a game or a boy, if you're nerd or a whore
Naudu, but there was never any enchanted prince in France to begin with. And I don't think any sort of prince called Adam was there either. Shouldn't children be informed about that as well? Doesn't this corrupt their vision of truth? Does the corruption goes just as far as black people are involved and all the rest is fine no matter how freaked that is?

Forget it. I don't know why I'm saying this. We clearly are not going to find understanding here, so this is discussion is a pointless waste of time.

2017-06-24 в 14:36 

Slayers come home late
Captain Awkward, well, it shouldn't be France at all) I don't understand a reason for using that country in the story. It is a fairytail, so be it.
I understand your vision, really. And I don't think it is wrong. I just don't accept it. Thanks for the discussion anyway, I liked that :)

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