Slayers come home late
I must confess that I am too lazy for daily posting xD
So. Yesterday I came back home. What do you think I have now? The ackeing throat, hooray! -_- It seems I caught a virus in the train. Now I'm being home and suffering, when it's warm and sunny outside. Great!
I bought the second Harry Potter novel (in english!) and a sketching book (not in english, lol!) in St. Peterburg. Thanks to that I can do my saturday more pleasant.
Yes, I got the book in english for practice, but I don't expect it's going to be easy. I've tried to read in english before and it was awefull. I had to stop any time I met a new word to understanding. It was very offten, so I had no pleasure in reading. I hope it will be better this time. I love the story, it's interesting to refresh my memories about it.
I have a good result with sketching. The sketchbook contains quests (I don't know the word задание -_-) with famouse philosopher's portraits.